Our Mission

At FLIP Academy, children will have the freedom to express their uniqueness while fostering life learning skills. We offer a safe environment that is attentive, sensitive to their being, and exposes the child to the maximum of their ability. Thus forming an optimum learning interest, where they'll be able to further relate to the world in their next stage, and continue building to the next. We believe it is imperative that educators and children build a responsive relationship. As well as children bear witness to a relationship among parents and educators for the ultimate best learning development for tomorrow's future leaders.

Some of our graduates

The FLIP Approach

The Goal of the FLIP Method© is to show love to the children as well as conscientious care for them. To nurture every developmental level. To provide an environment and materials where they feel secure to thrive. To give children freedom, and teach them how to use that freedom. To provide infinite opportunities for physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language growth for children during the wonderful first stepping stones of their life.

To accomplish this, we focus our attention on nurturing the 16 following characteristics:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and handling feelings well.
  • Integrity: Being honest and doing what's right.
  • Critical Thinker: Learning to think and solve problems.
  • Inspire to Learn: Getting excited about learning new things.
  • Strategic: Being good at planning and making smart choices.
  • Community Driven: Caring about and helping our community.
  • Happy Energy: Spreading joy and positivity.
  • Confident: Feeling sure of yourself.
  • Strong Communicator: Talking and listening well.
  • Accountable: Taking responsibility for your actions.
  • Innovator: Thinking of new and creative ideas.
  • Fearless: Not being scared to try new things.
  • Resilient: Bouncing back from tough times.
  • Respectful: Treating others with kindness.
  • Humble: Being modest and not bragging.
  • Loving: Showing care and affection to others.

Meet The Team!

A photo of our staff member Reyna Ramos

Reyna Ramos

CEO & Administrator

"My passion for leadership and community building started early in life. During grade school, I naturally found myself leading groups of peers in sports and other activities during recess. Over the years, I noticed a decline in their interest in school activities, driven by self-judgment and fear. My innate passion led me to inspire others to enjoy life and fostering personal growth. At children's birthday parties, I played the role of game host, building connections among children who might not have bonded otherwise.

Fast forward 25 years, I've had the privilege of caring for a total of 75 children, whether as an aunt, private nanny, or daycare provider. This journey inspired the development of the FLIP Method. Today, I'm dedicated to sharing the FLIP method with families who aspire to create a brighter future for their children, our future leaders.

Outside of my professional life, when I'm not nurturing young minds you'll often find me on neighborhood walks, marveling at cloud patterns, trees, and bird species. I cherish being outdoor in nature. I regularly enjoying hiking, kayaking and swimming, as well as quiet moments with a good book. Most importantly, I treasure moments spent with my college-aged child and relish hosting family and friends, along with active participation in community events.

A photo of our staff member Analisa Petropoulos

Analisa Petropoulos

CFO & Substitute Teacher

Analisa has been immersed in the world of childcare, shadowing her mother, Reyna, every step of the way. Her mother, a seasoned professional in human development, consistently shared invaluable insights, providing Analisa firsthand exposure to this field. Alongside her experiences with the remarkable GLO team, Her dedication enabled her to master the art of interacting, teaching, and caring for children with the same expertise and professionalism as any seasoned staff member.

Despite being an only child, Analisa grew up assuming the role of an elder sibling to all the children under her mother's care, fostering beautiful relationships with each of them. Witnessing her mother successfully manage a business, Analisa consistently pushed herself to broaden her horizons, acquiring knowledge beyond her initial scope. Furthermore, her father's profession as a CPA ingrained a natural affinity for numbers within her.

Currently enrolled at SJSU, Analisa is pursuing a bachelors in Business Finance. Her present role as the CFO and substitute at the daycare showcases her at the daycare showcases her commitment and capability in a professional capacity.

.Analisa’s engagement in sports commenced during childhood, participating in cross country, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Presently, she actively plays Lacrosse and remains deeply involved in philanthropic initiatives within the sorority community.

Through her diverse experiences and ongoing commitment to both academics and extracurriculars, Analisa exemplifies a multifaceted individual with a keen dedication to personal and professional growth.

A photo of our staff member Ema Becerra

Ema Becerra

Spanish Teacher & Cook

Ema is an exceptional and compassionate caregiver who boasts an extensive background in childcare. With a career spanning over 15 years, she successfully operated her own childcare program, overseeing the nurturing and development of numerous children. Her dedication and love for nurturing extend to her cherished relationship with her five-year-old grandson. Her commitment to her family's education is evident through her son's attendance at Princeton, pursuing Environmental Engineering, and her daughter a 2023 graduate from USC, preparing to embark on her journey into medical school to specialize as a Pediatrician. Beyond her expertise in childcare, Ema is also a skilled cook, holding a food handling certificate. Her deep knowledge of nutrition and healthy diets underscores her passion for promoting wellness. She delights in hosting dinners at her home, where her culinary skills shine.

Ema's proficiency in Spanish enables her to introduce children to the language creatively. Using music, books, and playful conversation, she actively incorporates Spanish into their daily interactions, providing them with a diverse and immersive learning experience. Her multifaceted talents, nurturing demeanor, and dedication to education and well-being reflect Ema's exceptional contributions to the lives of those around her.

FLIP Academy is presently seeking a qualified teacher to join our team. The ideal candidate must hold an ECE Teacher Certification, be Pediatric CPR & First Aid Certified, possess EMSA Health, Safety, & Lead Poisoning Certification, and successfully pass the Licensing Criminal Background check. Additionally, candidates must meet all licensing requirements and have a minimum of four years of experience working in a licensed childcare facility (home-based or center).

We provide competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits. If you meet these qualifications and are enthusiastic about becoming a part of our team, we encourage you to inquire further about this exciting opportunity.