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Quarterly Programs

Weekday Care Program

Available for Children ages 1 to 5.

Monday - Friday. English & Spanish. Includes Lunches & Field Trips.

Starting at $1550

Cost does not include registration, materials, or late fees.

Limited availability. See Tabs & FAQ below for more info.

Weekend Programs

Premium Weekend Care

Premium care on Satuday and Sunday.

English & Spanish. For parents seeking some leisure time.

Flat Rate of $250/day

Cost includes all weekend expenses involved.

Limited availability. See Tabs & FAQ below for more info.

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Thank you for considering us for the opportunity to be your child's first or next learning community!

A little bit on us:

FLIP Academy is a premier home-based daycare, dedicated to nurturing future leaders by imparting essential life skills. Children can join our close-knit community as young as 2 months and stay until they are approximately 5 years old. We maintain a pristine and hygienic environment, prioritizing clean and healthy habits to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and ensure a conducive learning atmosphere that fosters happiness.

At FLIP Academy, we embrace diversity and inclusivity wholeheartedly, welcoming families of all races, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and abilities. Our staff members meet all requirements set forth by the California licensing department, including comprehensive background checks, ensuring the safety and well-being of your child.

We believe in transparency when it comes to financial commitments and program policies. Parents enrolling their children at FLIP Academy should be fully aware of their financial obligations and their role in supporting their child's development, in alignment with our program's recommendations. It is expected that children be enrolled for a full school year, beginning in September and ending in August. Please carefully review the contract for exit exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a licensed program and daycare?

Yes, the program has been licensed since 2014 as Glenview Little Ones in the East Bay and was relocated to Los Altos in 2023.

Can you describe how you've vetted your staff?

All staff members have current background clearances, CPR, First Aid, AED certification, ECE California College Teacher Certification, up-to-date TB tests, and required immunizations.

How does FLIP communicate with parents?

Through the ProCare App, parents receive a yearly calendar, weekly newsletters/ reminders, daily pictures and notes, and verbal updates at pick-up. In case of injuries, parents are promptly informed.

Is there a pool or any body of water on-site?

No, there are no water facilities on the premises.

How do you comfort kids who are upset?

We offer support, compassion, and plenty of communication. Parents are also informed immediately if their child is having a challenging day.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, but tuition varies depending on potty training status. Parents are expected to begin potty training in parallel with daycare and have the flexibility to choose when to start the process.

Who lives in the home daycare?

The program owner and the program owner's college-age daughter, both with the required certifications and clearances.

Does the program owner welcome personal visitors?

No, personal visitors are not allowed during daycare business hours. Exceptions are communicated in advance to enrolled families, such as utility professionals who do not interact with children. Only licensed staff, the program owner, college daughter, and daycare families are permitted during daycare hours.

Do you have rules around hygiene?

Yes, our rules are the following:

  • No shoes indoors
  • Everyone washes hands upon arrival, before and after meals, and when returning from outdoor activities.
  • Children change into clean clothes before napping.
  • Surfaces and items used by children are wiped daily with a vinegar solution. All rooms undergo weekly deep cleaning with disinfectant, and the bathroom is cleaned daily.

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